Testosterone Therapy Injections Treatment: The Benefits of Injections

After careful analysis of all of the available products, and application methods, InShapeMD San Angelo utilizes Testosterone Cypionate, administered via injection, in our Comprehensive Testosterone Therapy Injections Treatment program. Below is an overview the various applications available, and for a chart version of the Pros and Cons of Testosterone Therapy Treatments click here.


Testosterone Patches and Creams

Testosterone patches and creams are all relatively easy to self-administer, but they require daily use. In addition, these treatments are very easily susceptible to the danger of exposing women and children to contact with excess testosterone.

Testosterone Pellets

Testosterone pellets are implanted under the skin by a physician, via a small incision to the upper hip or buttocks, under a local anesthetic. The pellets are imbedded in the fat, and gradually dissolve over a few months, providing a relatively slow, steady constant infusion of testosterone into the body. Testosterone levels “spike”, or rise rapidly, at the initial administration of any and all prescription testosterone therapy products, but more drastically with the pellets. The level of spike will vary by individual, based on any number of contributing factors (metabolism, medications, overall health, specific response to the product, etc.). These spikes should be closely monitored and carefully managed, because testosterone levels that remain clinically high can also present serious health risks. Testosterone pellet implants are an invasive surgical procedure, so it requires a surgically sterile environment, and a physician who is trained specifically in the procedure. The pellet implants necessitate limiting physical activities for a day or two, and carry risks including site infection and pellet extrusion (being forced out).

Testosterone Nasal Gel

Testosterone nasal gel comes in a metered-dose pump, and is administered directly into the nostril three times daily. The self-administered and easy-to-use convenience of testosterone nasal gel is unfortunately offset by the frequent applications required. Being administered through the nostrils means that men with nasal or sinus problems, such as nasal/sinus disease, disorders, fractures or surgery, would be advised against using it. Studies also show that often, even after extended use (90+ days), many patients did not achieve testosterone levels that were fully raised back up to normal desired levels.

Testosterone Lozenges

Testosterone lozenges provide testosterone that is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth. A lozenge is placed under the tongue or against the surface of your gums, and must remain there for 12 hours, and then be replaced. Currently there are no FDA approved oral testosterone products that can be swallowed, primarily due to high risk of liver damage they present. Lozenges minimize those concerns, but do include the risks of potentially exposing testosterone to another person through saliva.

Testosterone Therapy Injections

Testosterone therapy injections of the Testosterone Cypionate utilized by InShapeMD San Angelo are fast and easy shots administered weekly. Both elements – the product and the administration method – were thoroughly researched, and carefully crafted into our Comprehensive Testosterone Therapy Treatment Program. Weekly injections with InShapeMD San Angelo provide a sustained release of testosterone into the bloodstream, and helps avoid extreme fluctuations in testosterone levels between treatments. Another advantage with the InShapeMD San Angelo plan is that the weekly process provides convenient, consistent communication and monitoring. So if, for example, dosage adjustments are needed, they can be implemented swiftly and seamlessly into the treatment schedule, ensuring that you achieve optimal testosterone concentrations.



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