Rapid Weight Loss

Lose fat for good! Our Countdown program (Pregnyl®) will truly transform your body in less than 40 days!

Appetite Suppressants

Our secret recipe for success is using appetite suppressants coupled with healthy nutrition and physical activity to achieve optimal weight.

Testosterone Therapy

Our goal is to make you look and feel as great as you can with the help of comprehensive therapy treatments.

Weight Loss Peptides

We are proud to provide customized plans and peptides to ensure a safe, fast, and effective way of reaching your weight loss goals.

appetite suppressants for weight loss | InShapeMD San Angelo

Semaglutide & Tirzepatide

We have GLP-1 and GIP medications that are in high demand for weight loss and body recomposition. Average weight loss of 22%.

Lipo Shots

We currently offer four types of vitamin injections that increase energy, improve sleep patterns, and increase cellular metabolism.

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