Throughout our lifetimes, our bodies are accumulating and trying to process toxins, chemicals, poisons, food additives, cellular stress, etc. which can also progressively slow down our bodies’ ability to stimulate our lymphatic system, process fluids, and charge our cellular batteries. As this process continues and bodily fluids stagnate, increasingly poor health becomes the natural progression over time. The TurboSonic offers a solution that provides effective, passive exercise to all 100 trillion of the bodies’ cells, facilitates oxygen uptake potential, stimulates lymphatic circulation, and helps to release cellular trauma, plus a host of other impressive exercise benefits.* Almost 50 years ago, the concept of vibrational exercise was discovered by space programs and further developed as a means of preventing bone and muscle loss in the zero gravity environment of space. The results were so profound that decades of research and development have created a whole exercise modality. Whole body vibrational exercise technology is now used worldwide in homes and by leading medical centers, rehabilitation centers, clinics, spas, fitness clubs and top athletic teams for training and recovery.*


turbosonic_machineTurboSonic Exercise Offers Improvements of:

  • Acceleration of Weight Loss*
  • Drainage and Clearing of Lymphatic Fluids*
  • Conventional Training Results & Recovery*
  • Rehabilitation of Injuries & Ailments*
  • Appearance of Muscle Tone & Cellulite Reduction*
  • Facial Muscle Tone & Collagen Production*
  • Physical Strength, Dexterity & Endurance
  • Secretion of Hormones such as HGHHuman
  • Growth Hormone, IGF-1 & Testosterone*
  • Creation of “Happiness” Hormone Serotonin &
  • Norepinephrine that Support Thinking Processes*
  • Bone Density & Muscle Mass*